Drifting into the world of open science

So this blog post has the same title as a talk I gave for the RIOT Science Club last year. But I didn't really like giving the talk very much. It was the first real presentation I'd given online, so it was quite a disconcerting experience having no idea who (if anyone) was listening. But … Continue reading Drifting into the world of open science

Looking out for number 1

I had an interesting conversation recently with an early-career academic. She, as a postdoc, had been discouraged from seeking her own fellowship money as she was told she should not be spending time looking for funding while working on a project that was already paying her salary. Furthermore, she'd been told that she wasn't able … Continue reading Looking out for number 1


If you have teaching, you have marking. As a PhD student, you likely had a supervisor who moaned about marking. When you start your first lectureship, you’ll now have senior colleagues who moan about marking. If you’ve been given some teaching relief in your first year, you might get to listen to people moaning about … Continue reading Marking